Samsung working on cameras with a unique mechanism


Registered a new patent.

With each generation, manufacturers of smartphones improved, and in some cases even increased the number of image sensors for its smartphones. Now, a recent Samsung patent has revealed a new device which has a whopping six cameras in the back, including a periscopic lens, reports the with reference to Comments.

The South Korean tech giant has applied for this patent back in December of 2019 in the WIPO (World intellectual property office). The patent was published earlier last week. Although the camera module with six sensors attracts attention, the main aspect of this camera module is its tilt mechanism for the sensors. Looking at the image in the patent, you can see how the image sensors will be able to bend.

According to the patent, Samsung uses 5 wide-angle image sensors with a focal length of 28 mm at the rear and a telephoto lens. These sensors are arranged horizontally, three in a row and have led flash. In normal mode these cameras facing straight ahead, but in “active mode” they can be tilted horizontally or vertically.

This allows the sensors to achieve a wider focal length in General, and can even help you create panoramic images without moving the smartphone. In addition, there are rumors that the inclined lenses offer “panning effects”, which implies a blurred background in the panoramic image. This technology with a movable lens can also provide simultaneous operation of 5 wide-angle sensors to ensure the best possible image, stitched together.