Olya Polyakova told about their experiences of violence


The star had to sand the scar.

Olya Polyakova YouTube-show Masha Efrosinina “Exam” told how at age 17 she was brutally beaten up at the request of a former boyfriend. The incident ended in serious injury and opening of a criminal case, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to ria-m.tv.

“I was beaten by a man. Me, he was periodically beaten. And when I left him, he set fire to my apartment. Hired some of his buddies here, and they caught me under the night club and beat him to a semiconscious state, to the cut eyebrow, — said Polyakov. — I was 17 years old, was a criminal case. Today this man is a politician. It is not known of the policies of Vinnitsa”.

The name of the offender, the singer refused, because I’m sure: he is for nothing. However, she admitted that the scar after the beatings could not keep still.

“I was young, I have no psychological trauma. But the trauma was very severe physical, scar I polished 18 times. It affected my hearing. I had serious problems with it — says Polyakov. Can’t say that I suffered mentally, but for my whole life turned away from men who are somehow unable to exercise violence.”

For 15 years, Olga is married to businessman Vadim Polyakov. She believes that abuse helped her find the perfect man.

“My husband would never have allowed myself to violence of any kind — neither morally, nor physically. I have over 15 years has never heard in his address any of the threats, not a single word that I was ugly, fat, look bad. This situation is my choice men determined, because I knew exactly who do not want to see next,” she said.