MPs are not given Vakarchuk to lay down the mandate

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Vakarchuk did not have enough votes.

Parliament on June 18 allowed the people’s Deputy from “the Voice” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk to leave the Parliament. Supported the leader of the “Voices” only 175 MPs of the 226 needed. Therefore, the decision is not accepted, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

Rada has terminated the powers Vakarchuk: what is known

At the same time to let go Vakarchuk from the Parliament refused 59 MPs who voted against the termination of the policy.

In addition, 98 parliamentarians abstained, and 48 did not vote.

Just participated in voting the people’s choice 372.

Add, when the speaker Dmitry Razumkov put the issue to Parliament, in the hall were heard cries.

Vakarchuk leaves the Parliament: the main

  • 11 Jun Svyatoslav Vakarchuk at a meeting with journalists has announced that it will lay down the mandate of people’s Deputy Svyatoslav Vakarchuk losing the mandate of a Deputy.
  • Vakarchuk explained that his mission was accomplished – had the party “the Voice” in Parliament. In the future, the politician intends to focus on other things, which will be announced later.
  • Vakarchuk also said that does not leave the party “Voice” and is not shying away from big politics.
  • In the “Voice” said that after leaving the office Vakarchuk will join the local elections. According to insider information Serhiy Leshchenko, the addition of the mandate Vakarchuk brought conflict due to the resignation of interior Minister Arsen Avakov. Like, Vakarchuk refused to sign the decree about resignation of the Minister, which was initiated by MPs from his political power.
  • Activist and entertainer, a member of the “Voices” Sergei Pritula believes Prytula expressed his opinion regarding Vakarchuk, who resigned the parliamentary mandate that his departure from Parliament Vakarchuk confirmed the difference of his party from other political forces.
  • Vakarchuk is the Parliament can pass next on the list of the party “Voice” lawyer Alina Svidersky Is Vakarchuk to the Parliament will go Alina Svidersky: what is known about it .