Mont told how much it will cost you to study in Ukrainian Universities


The most expensive education in the Kyiv national University of culture and arts.

The Ministry of education and science of Ukraine has published information regarding the minimum cost of training on a contract basis in 160 institutions of higher education in our country. According to the Agency, one year of study will cost from 6 to 47 thousand UAH, reports the with reference to Comments.

The report said that the minimum price of tuition fee may not be less than 60% of the amount of funding allocated by the state for one student, who is studying on a budgetary basis at this University. So bachelors will have to pay in the current year from 6 to 39 thousand UAH. At the same time, in universities and institutions of professional education predischarge training will cost a maximum of 20 thousand hryvnias. The highest total for a year of training you will have to pay 9 of the nearly 100 schools.

The Ministry of education declare that the minimum cost of higher education has decided to introduce due to the fact that the cost of training on a contract basis often do not meet the cost of universities, which in turn affects the quality of education.

The most expensive this year will be education at the Kiev national University of culture and arts. Thus, the minimum cost of one year of study at this institution will cost:

— 35 591 UAH for Junior bachelor;
-39 546 UAH for a bachelor;
— 47 328 UAH for a master’s degree.

The Cabinet of Ministers claim that the minimum price of the year (indicative cost) takes into account the income and not to exceed the amount of 3 average salaries in the region. Such calculations are relevant for 38 of the most popular specialties in public and some private universities. Among such specialties are referred to as: law, Economics, political science, management, marketing, international relations, design, tourism, specialty areas of information technology and some of the specialty health (dentistry, pharmacy, Pediatrics, etc.).