Called dangerous hidden heart attack symptoms


Experts have called the main signs of a quiet heart attack.

Everyone has long known that myocardial infarction is one of the forms of heart disease. We are talking about coronary heart disease the main organ of the human body, reports the with reference on the Wall.

The thing is that during this disease is disturbed blood flow through the coronary arteries, and that drive irreversible changes in the heart muscle.

The danger of this disease is that it can’t proceed in a more covert form.Classic heart attack is accompanied by sharp pain in the chest, feeling of squeezing, shortness of breath, stinging sensations in the neck, arm and even the jaw. When silent heart attack there are no signs, but there may be slight pain in the throat or sternum, which appears and disappears.

In addition, a person feels discomfort in the upper body and is always in a tired state. More significant symptoms of heart attack are nausea, dizziness and cold sweat.

Note that a heart attack can also be predicted. A month before a heart attack people suffering from somnolence and increased fatigue. Also symptoms include digestive problems that manifest in the form of pains in the stomach and abdomen, nausea and vomiting.