Bolton, in his book published unpleasant for the trump information

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Trump said that Bolton broke the law.

After appearing in the American press passages from the book of former Advisor of the US President for homeland security John Bolton has become clear that the White house came another black band, reports the with reference to Country.

The book is called “the Room where it happened: memories of the White house” puts Donald trump in an extremely negative light as a politician and might embroil him with the immediate environment.

The US President already made a statement that John Bolton broke the law by revealing in his book secret information.

In the book of Bolton contains “top-secret information,” the disclosure of which ex-Advisor has not received permission, the President said trump.

Here are the most unpleasant moments for trump who publicized

— Trump questioned whether Finland is part of Russia, and probably didn’t know that the UK is a nuclear power.

— Demanded an end to military assistance to Ukraine “in retaliation for its actions in 2016” (support Clinton) and “as leverage” to Kiev conducted an investigation against Biden.

— Asked XI Jinping’s assistance in the re-election of US President that could be construed as a crime.

— Pompeo at the first summit of the U.S. — Korea wrote a note saying that trump “is nonsense”, and a month later stated that “the probability of success of the diplomacy of the trump in North Korea is zero.”

In October 2019, it became known that Bolton is going to write a book about her tenure as national security adviser. Trump has dismissed him a month before, explaining his decision to a strong divergence of views on national security.