Before and after quarantine: Lesya Nikityuk in swimsuit funny played a joke on fans

nikityuk 1

TV presenter posed in a candid way.

Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk starred in a bathing suit and joked over their fans. Pictures appeared on the official page of the star in Instagram, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

In the first frame nikitiuk posing in white and blue swimsuit, naked belly of a star. Leading appeared standing on the balcony in Slippers, with a towel on his head and sunglasses.

In the second picture in the same place and the swimsuit there was a presenter and “driver LE Bus” Igor Noviny.

Nikitiuk invited subscribers to choose the picture they like. Users joke came to mind. Some noted that this nikitiuk before and after quarantine, others say the star was bitten by a wasp.

Post in a few hours collected more than 125 thousand likes and a lot of humorous comments.