Turkey opens the border: what you need to know Ukrainians


The Consulate explained the important points.

Turkey opens its borders for tourists and visitors. This was reported by the Consulate of Ukraine in Istanbul. Previously it was reported that Turkey is ready to let Ukrainians, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

“Since 11.06.2020 years, the Turkish Republic adopted the decision on the abolition of restrictions of entry in Turkey of citizens of foreign States by air, sea or by land (except land border with Iran), which was introduced by the Turkish side in the context of the fight against the spread COVID-19”, – stated in the message of the Consulate in Instagram.

The Consulate also noted that when entering Turkey, foreign citizens are required to undergo a medical examination at the checkpoint. In the case of identification of symptoms COVID-19 it will be carried out free test for the coronavirus.

Embassy of Ukraine in Ankara, meanwhile, said that the decision of the Cabinet from 12.06.2020 was cancelled temporary prohibition of crossing the state border of Ukraine by foreigners and persons without citizenship to enter the country.

“Is it mandatory to have the presence of foreigners and persons without citizenship who intend to enter Ukraine, a policy (certificate, certificate) insurance expenses related to the treatment COVID-19, a visual observation”, — stated in the message of the Embassy in Facebook.

The diplomats also recalled that the requirement for compulsory observation or isolation will only apply to persons who arrive in Ukraine from the countries of the so-called “red zone” with the widespread COVID-19, and the citizens of those States.

As 16.06.2020 of the year the Turkish Republic was in the list of countries the “green zone”.

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Sibiga, in turn, said that Turkey lifted the restrictions for domestic and international travel.

“In turn the restoration of regular flights between Ukraine and Turkey”, – he wrote in Twitter.