The UN fear of hunger in Latin America due to coronavirus


The coronavirus can lead to serious consequences.

The leadership of the world food programme (WFP) said about the real threat of hunger in Latin America. The international community must act quickly to crisis Covid-19 did not lead to serious consequences, reports the with reference to Country.

“We are really concerned about this trend in health care. Unfortunately, in terms of the food security situation, the news is not good… We must act quickly to prevent a pandemic of hunger,” — said the head of WFP in Latin America and the Caribbean, Miguel Barreto.

According to the organization, coronavirus crisis and the resulting restrictive measures can cause food shortages, which can be affected about 40 million people in South and Central America and the Caribbean.

According to WFP, in 11 States of this region in the beginning of the year 3.4 million people faced severe food shortages, and now, after nearly six months of the crisis, they have 14 million

Recently the who stated that the most alarming situation with coronavirus at the moment is in Latin and Central America, because there is a growing number of infections and is not carried out enough tests.