The rain in Kyiv flooded the streets, and the wind broke trees and nearly carried away the child (video)

In the capital for several days in a row there is a rampant disaster

In Kiev for several days in a row observed short but quite heavy showers. As a result of floods that covered the city during the second half of the day on Wednesday, June 17, streams of water we flooded the streets in several districts of the city.

As already mentioned the news, “Today”, the effects of the disaster could be seen on the street Antonovich.

In addition, this flood was on the street:

And on the street Malevich:

Фото: Киев Сейчас

Photo: Kiev Now

Filled with water and the street Predslavinskaya in the center:

However, strong gusts of wind broke off a branch of poplar on the street Boundary, 25/5 and threw it at a parked car. Video of the incident published in the public”, Kiev Operative”. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Also the Network users posted a video, the child almost blown away on the streets of Sofia Rasovoi in Darnytskyi district.

Also the other day the rain flooded the residential house on the street Svyatoshinsky, 6, where in December of last year were replaced stormwater pipes in five of the eight entrances. In social networks users write that new storm pipe leak and the water floods the stairwell, as well as technical premises. Video of the waterfall also has published in Facebook.

News “Today” wrote that at the weekend in Kyiv region was raging hurricane. So, in the cities of Irpen and Bucha of Kyiv-Sviatoshynsky area, and also in Sochi and other parts of the eyewitnesses was able to capture the storm on video. Also, the element affected and the Western region, the consequences of see story:

Recall that last may in Kiev was the coldest in the XXI century.