The main rules for a healthy Breakfast

Mediki rasskazat komu nelzya est yajcza na zavtrak

A Deposit of an energetic day.

The perfect Breakfast that fits all does not exist, but there are a few important things are worth paying attention to. For example, hot food activates the digestive processes, foods rich in protein, help to lose weight, reports the with reference to Browser.

An American study showed that women who regularly eat a Breakfast with high protein, less prone to bouts of hunger. Other scientists also confirm that people who do not eat Breakfast usually eat more during the day. In the long term it causes the excess calories and weight gain.

We invite you to read the three Golden rules of a healthy Breakfast.

Combine proteins with complex carbs

Some studies have shown a positive correlation between protein content at Breakfast and eating habits of the people tested. The higher the protein, the fewer the number of bouts of hunger during the day.

As for the carbs, their stocks are emptied at night, and if they are not replenished in the morning can cause frequent falls of concentration. In this case, the body rapidly consumes energy and a desire to eat many sweet foods rich in fats and empty calories. In order not to fall into temptation, it is necessary in the morning to eat complex carbohydrates that are slowly digested and provide energy. Ideal protein porridge and muesli, and whole grain products.

To monitor the amount of fiber, minerals and vitamins

These fibers saturate and improve digestion. Various combinations of carbohydrates, such as oatmeal and soy cereals provide more fiber and micronutrients. Whole wheat bread and dried fruits are also a good alternative for Breakfast.

Morning vitamins help to absorb micronutrients Breakfast and activate the immune system. If the stomach is sensitive to fruit acids, you can try to heat the fruit in a water bath to make them more easily digestible. But you have to be careful and use the lowest possible temperature to preserve the vitamins.

Eat more at Breakfast

Those who avoid Breakfast tend to eat more during the day. An Israeli study showed that women receiving the majority of daily calories at Breakfast have better results in weight loss, than those who prepare large meals for lunch or dinner. Since the eggs, yogurt and fruit quickly bored, you can Supplement your menu protein porridge and cereals, protein products, a gluten-free bread and peanut butter.