The girl put his hand into boiling oil and not get burned: what is the secret. Video


The girl calls for not try this at home.

A scientist from San Diego (USA), Dianne Corn showed how to put his hand in hot oil and not to burns, reports the with reference to Browser.

A relevant video she published in his YouTube channel. The Dianne stated that the experiment has nothing to do with magic is all the laws of physics. And strictly forbidden to repeat the experience at home, because the consequences can be unpleasant too

First, Dianne poured into a saucepan four liters of grapeseed oil, heated to about 176 degrees Celsius. To members became convinced that the liquid is really hot, she sprinkled on the surface of cold water, where the oil immediately hissed. And then dipped in oil, the sausage, which instantly fried.

When it came time for the main experiment, Cowern reminded that safety is paramount.

“I put together a pan of ice water and fire extinguisher – just in case. I’m going to shove my hand into the oil. Do not repeat this at home under any circumstances,” said Corn. Then she was done and put his hand into the oiland then pulled it without a single burn.

The Dianne explained how she did it – thanks to the Leidenfrost effect. Before dropping the hand into the boiling oil, she dipped it into the water. Come in contact with hot liquid, the water in the hand of Dianne immediately began to boil away, forming a heat insulating layer of steam between the surface of the hand and butter.