Survivors coronavirus Prince Charles told about the consequences of the disease

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Symptoms persist even after recovery.

24 Mar Prince Charles learned about the infection COVID-19 and in 7 days reported recovery. Although the coronavirus passed before his 71-year-old heir to the throne in a mild form, the consequences of infection are still being felt. Charles visited the Royal Gloucestershire hospital and told medical workers that he had lost the sense of taste and smell, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

“Prince Charles also spoke about his personal experience, he learned this first hand, — said the publication the Daily Mail, the hospital staff Jeff wall. — He also talked about his loss of smell and taste, and until now it is experiencing.”

Loss of taste and smell is an early sign COVID-19 was a common symptom among patients. A study published in June in the European journal of otolaryngology, showed that after COVID-19 people continue to have problems with the smell and taste. Among 417 patients with mild and moderate form of coronavirus 88% complained about the lack of taste after the disappearance of all symptoms, and 86% had experienced dysfunction of smell.