Shevchenko and rotan opposed pressure on the sport


Vote likely on June 17.

The scandal around the attempts of MPs to lobby for the continuation of the work of the so-called football VSK, working against the Ukrainian football Association, does not cease. The deputies of the Verkhovna Rada has twice failed to bring this issue to a vote, at the same time, the legends of Ukrainian football has opposed pressure on the sport, reports the with reference to Apostrophe.

It is noted that vote likely on June 17. And the reason for not voting June 16 — in the absence of votes that the party Grigory Surkis “trying to gather”.

Created at the end of the 2019 football VSK (to study the issue of construction of football fields) worked for six months, having during this period of maximum lead, the newspaper writes. So, first, Grigoriy Surkis lit in Parliament texts on the establishment of the Commission, which gave someone the command: “continue to Work”.

“Then, from the members of the FAC was required to take a polygraph to prove independence from Surkis” — remember journalists.

Next were statements from within the Commission itself about the attempts of pressure on its members, and the Deputy head of the Commission, the Nurse was accused of “bribery” on the part of Surkis.

Attempts of political pressure on the UAF and its discredit “hands” parliamentary FAC — was “the last straw” for well-known athletes, journalists believe, and came to the fact that the deputies of the appealing main coach of national team football.

Andriy Shevchenko, for example, the letter was signed by three winners of the “Golden ball”, in which politicians called for an end to the manipulation. The coach of the Ukrainian world Champions (U-20) Oleksandr Petrakov has supported this appeal. And the coach of the youth national team of Ukraine Ruslan rotan, standing on the side of the UAF, outlined the attempts by politicians to lobby for new powers for football FAC as “spokes in the wheels of Ukrainian football”.

“I fully support my colleagues (Shevchenko, Blokhin, Belanova). We always when you do something good for the country, there are those who dislikes and criticizes. And for what exactly? Because in the Dnieper river, in Kiev was built, the fields that I have personally seen. The purpose of this FAC, I think something else…” he said, adding that “there is a political game”.

Previously, a number of MPs said they would not vote for the renewal of the football sun, because the facts the abuse of the UAF was not confirmed, and the Commission is trying to go beyond its powers.