Scientists explain why people with diabetes are vulnerable to coronavirus

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The key to the mysterious a number of symptoms is the receptor ACE2.

American scientists have discovered a pattern that could help explain why people with chronic diseases not related to the lungs and respiratory tract, are at greater risk of Contracting COVID-19, reports the with reference to Browser.

To do this, they studied more than 700 samples of infected patients. The results of a scientific experiment, researchers from the universities of Sao Paulo and Washington.

According to experts, 1.7 billion people worldwide are at increased risk of coronavirus infection due to chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and kidney failure.

In the study, they found that many hospitalized patients died from pneumonia as a result of infection COVID-19, and from heart attacks and blood clots.

The key to the mysterious a number of symptoms, experts say, is the receptor ACE2. This is a critical protein on the surface of cells inside the human body. It acts as a processor for other proteins and hormones in reactions that help to control blood pressure. In addition, suitable for the protein spike on the surface of the coronavirus, giving him an entry point into human cells.

People with diabetes, diseases of the lungs and high blood pressure have more cellular channels, through which the organism can penetrate the virus than healthy.

The researchers examined 700 samples of pulmonary patients with a wide range of chronic diseases and compared them with samples of healthy people. It was found that ACE2 had a much more “pronounced” or common on the cell surfaces of patients with hypertension, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Experts suggest that a drug used to treat certain patients with breast cancer, could help to block excess receptor ACE2, which make them a coronavirus, and possibly save thousands of people from this infection.