Niece Rotaru showed how she spends honeymoon


The newlyweds have a rest in Bukovel.

The pandemic coronavirus Sonya Kay and her 27-year-old husband Oleg Petrov canceled honeymoon abroad and went for a romantic trip to Ukraine, shared on the pages of their instagram profiles. The newlyweds have a rest in Bukovel, and a trip to a luxury resort, according to the words of hockey player – a wedding gift to the pair from the family of the singer, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

So, newly-married couples enjoy the picturesque Carpathian mountains only two of us. Sonya Kay finally not hide his chosen from the public and media, and boldly posing in the arms of the beloved, which was kept secret till the wedding. The couple is not only happy with walks on the slopes of the mountains, but relaxes in the pool.

On one of the photos Sonya Kay posed in a black bathing suit and makeup, collecting hair in a high bun. Her husband is a sportsman plunged into the water and passionately pressed to my beautiful wife.

What is known about the wedding, Sonya Kay?

The singer got engaged to the favorite in November 2019 after a five-month relationship. The husband of a star – 27-year-old Kherson Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk and the Ukraine national team on hockey Oleg Petrov. Familiarity pair had been at a party of mutual friends in Kiev, and their relationship developed very quickly. The pair already had a taste of family life, because before the wedding, lived together.

The marriage, the couple recorded June 7, and from the loud wedding was refused due to the sudden death of his father Sonya Kay, with whom she dreamed to dance a wedding dance. The couple got married and made a modest family dinner entertainment.