In Kiev, protesters staged a fight in the subway (photos and video)

At the “Theater” in the course went the rods and tear gas

In Kiev at the metro station “Theatre” took a tough clash between supporters of Sharia and representatives of the regiment “Azov”. Video of a brawl appeared on the Telegram-channel PavlovskyNEWS.

“Sarievi”, quantitatively superior to the enemy, began to drive the nationalists into the corner of a subway station and beaten with flagpoles-rods. Also, in the course went tear gas”, – is spoken in the message.

Judging by the video, more than a dozen supporters of Sharia were beaten with rods of the two nationalists. In the answer those have applied tear gas spray. Noticing the approach of law enforcement, people with flagpoles fled, leaving his opponents lying in the corner of the platform.

According to police, the two offenders involved in the scuffle, was taken to the police Department in the subway. After testing, their actions will be given legal assessment.

“The incident occurred at 13:40 on the platform of the metro station “Theatre.” Between two aggressive male and a group of people there was a verbal altercation, which turned into a battle with the use of gas cartridges. Law enforcement officers intervened and stopped the offense”, – told the police.

We will remind, in Kiev on the afternoon of 17 June on Bank rallied supporters Anatoly Sharia, and representatives of right-wing organizations gathered to protest against Sharia. After the situation began to deteriorate, supporters of Sharia threw eggs: the police began to push the opponents actions and began the hustle. The clashes opponents of action and the Sharia police began detention.