Granddaughter Rotaru broke up with her lover


The pair have been together since Jan.

19-year-old granddaughter Sofia Rotaru Sonia Evdokimenko recently walked at a wedding of a relative, singer Sonya Kay in Kiev. The fans were expecting that she too will soon go on Fennec with a handsome Frenchman Marc Dominiom, but she was upset by the news that the couple broke up, reports the with reference to RBC.

Sonia admitted that since January, she’s single and broke up with her boyfriend. The reasons for the separation the girl was silent and said he did not talked about this before, as don’t like to keep personal life away from public.

The holidays Sonia along with his family, including the famous grandmother, and the groom spent in Monaco and shared the happy photos and videos. After this joint a couple more pictures was not in the profile of the girl and she returned to new York, where to study and live temporarily.

Last summer the couple spent together in Europe. Sonya and Marco visited the fashionable resorts of Italy and France, rode bikes, swam in the sea, walked on the yacht and enjoyed the local cuisine, and shared romantic pictures.

Ex-fiancé, a Frenchman Marco was Dumenil interested in art, graduated from the prestigious London school European Business School and engaged in business.

As for Marco, judging by its page on Instagram, miss he did not. In February the young man was vacationing at a ski resort in the French Alps and Canada, then went to Venice, visited London and Berlin.

By the way, in February, Marco also spent time in new York, where to study and live Sonja, and under one of the photos the girl even left a comment. It seems that young people remained on friendly terms.