Dmitry Komarov told about the best gift on birthday from wife


The pair went on a journey.

Wednesday, June 17, his 37th birthday, the Ukrainian broadcaster and the author of the project “the World inside out”, Dmitry Komarov. Met your day traveler on the set, and then went home where it was waited by a surprise from young beauty-wife, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

Alexander baked a birthday cake and prepared husband birthday best gift. “My lovely wife made the cake, woke up and did the best possible gift for a birthday for a traveller ticket! For the first time more than 4 months are flying somewhere and I’m just happy”, — said Dmitry in his Instagram.

“Usually with my work for four months have to fly dozens of times, sometimes go to the airport 4-5 times a week and working the flights (usually very early) start to silently hate. But life once again has shown that especially value that is unavailable,” — said Komarov.

The publication of the birthday boy doing all the way to the airport. However, where they go, Dmitry has left in secret.

“It turns out that the best morning is when you get up at 6 am. To bake a cake, light the candles, to Wake her beloved husband and to go along in a long-awaited trip! Happy birthday, my Dmitry Komarov. Let it be forever!”, — written by Alexander in his microblog.