Zelensky responded to the petition of antitreponemal

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People should not harm the health of other citizens.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has considered the e-petition “to prevent compulsory testing and vaccination”, which was previously scored 25 thousand votes of Internet users, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Country.

“Of course, humanity is once again in its modern history faced with extremely dangerous threat which changed the habitual way of life of every person. In connection with the foregoing I have proposed to the Prime Minister of Ukraine D. A. Shmyhalou system to take additional measures on protection of population from infectious diseases”, — said Zelensky.

He added that the fundamentals of legislation of Ukraine on health care establishes the obligation of citizens not only to take care of your health and the health of children, but not harm the health of other citizens, as well as in cases stipulated by the legislation to pass preventive medical surveys and vaccinations.

In addition, it is provided that in respect of certain particularly dangerous infectious diseases can be compulsory medical examinations, preventive vaccination, treatment and quarantine measures in the order established by laws of Ukraine, the President said.

According to Zelensky, in the case of threat of occurrence of especially dangerous infectious diseases or mass spread of dangerous infectious diseases in the respective territories and objects may be mandatory vaccination against this infectious disease epidemic indications.

“In 2019, the world health organization for the first time introduced in the annual list of global threats to humanity refusing to vaccinate. In 2020 the world is facing another global threat — the outbreak of coronavirus Сovid-19, prevent the spread of which currently remains a priority for the entire world,” the President said.

It is noted that according to the who recommendations, while national health systems are required primarily to eliminate all financial and other barriers that may prevent exclusion and to ensure prompt testing of all suspected Сovid-19.

Also in the office of the President has reminded that in Ukraine there are updated medical standards of medical care in the case of a coronavirus infection and the organization of anti-epidemic measures that are consistent with who recommendations and are adapted to the country’s health system.

Recall that the e-petition “to prevent compulsory testing and vaccination!” scored 25 thousand votes of Internet users, which is a prerequisite for consideration.

“The current legislation envisages only the consent of the patient for any medical intervention! Therefore, we ask you not to allow mandatory testing or vaccination of citizens of Ukraine, given certain quarantine measures, ensuring their natural right to personal integrity and dignity,” reads the petition text.

We also reported that vaccination of children against measles, tetanus and other diseases during the quarantine did not stop, but the number of such vaccinations in Ukraine fell by 20%. This can lead to epidemics of these diseases.