“Zaporozhets” was crossed with the Mercedes and Lamborghini

lamborgini 1

The result was unexpected.

The post-Soviet space has a number of private automotive workshops, which employ talented professionals. Today we will tell you about one of them — on workshop “Auto+Leather Tuning”, which is based in Odessa. Local enthusiasts have decided to join the Mercedes Smart and ZAZ-965A. The project became known as the ZAZ-965 “Crumbling”. It should be noted that the first owner just wanted to clean up your “Zaporozhets”, but then went on, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Comments.

According to the publication 2Drive.ru on the embodiment of the idea they were prompted by the appearance of a similar custom of “Zaporozhets”, which was developed several years ago in Moscow. In any case, do odesity not particularly hide the fact that it is an example of people inspired them the most.

Also note that the basis for the future of the car was taken broken Smart, who was in a terrible state. Wizards really did a miracle in bringing up this wreck. Gender and amplifiers they made by hand. The rest of the Soviet part of the car was mounted on the chassis of the German car.

Masters also abandoned the traditional painting of the vehicle and used yacht leatherette two colors. We should recognize that it turned out much better than the original ZAZ. The interior was also trimmed in leather, which was provided by one of the suppliers of Lamborghini. The front seats are borrowed from the Fiat 126. The rear seats of the master was done from scratch with your own hands.