Swelling of the feet in the summer: how to get rid of the problem


There are a few simple rules.

Many women complain of swelling in the legs, especially in hot weather. Such a problem is often accompanied by various diseases, therefore, without attention it is impossible to leave. How to avoid swelling, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Comments.

Wear the right shoes

In the heat it is better to abandon shoes with heels, as well as from close of sandals or sandals, which greatly constrict the foot. Such a shoes increases the likelihood of injury and becomes an additional burden on the veins.


This procedure increases blood flow, vascular tone and skin and gives a boost of energy and vigor. In addition, a contrast shower is an excellent prevention of swelling and varicose veins.

Cooling creams

When I get home after work or walk, lie down for 20 minutes and raise your legs so that the feet were above his head. Also don’t forget to use special coolants for the feet.

Reduce salt intake

It is known that the salt retains fluid in the body and can be the cause of swelling in the legs. If you have a problem, then limit the use of this product.