Scientists have shown the x-ray map of the entire sky


The Observatory “Spektr-RG” will continue to work.

The telescope ART-XC and eROSITA aboard the orbital Observatory “Spektr-RG” completed its first survey of the entire sky in x-rays, reports the with reference to Browser.

According to the website of the astrophysical project “Spektr-REntgen-Gamma”, on the mapping of the celestial sphere covering 41253 square degrees, took six months. It was developed by scientists from Russia and Germany.

On the map in the soft energy range are clearly visible remnants of supernova explosions (traces of death stars) and the radiation of the warm interstellar gas with a temperature of thousands of degrees Kelvin, and is also relatively close stars with crowns, much more powerful than the Sun. More than a hundred thousand.

“It is now clear that the data of the telescope AWG/of eROSITA on Board the “Spectr-RG” will allow us to specify the number of atomic and molecular gas and dust in different directions on the sky,” – said the academician Rashid Sunyaev, scientific head of the project “Spektr-RG”.

Also on the card saw hundreds of thousands of active galactic nuclei and quasars, thousands of massive clusters of galaxies, filled mostly of mysterious “dark matter” and hot intergalactic gas. The vast majority of these objects are at cosmological distances from us greater than the billions of light years.

Most of the detected objects, the scientists saw for the first time.

The telescopes of the Observatory “Spektr-RG” will continue to work. It is planned that after the orbit correction maneuver, scheduled for mid-June, and the short calibration observations, the Observatory will begin the second view of the sky.

Plan to get another 7 of these cards for the next three and a half years. The total map will be much more detailed than the first.