Named food that may cause headache

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They are best avoided.

Stress, hormonal changes, and food and drinks can cause problems with headaches, reports the with reference to Browser.

If you often suffer from migraine, most likely, there are products that you need to be careful.

Here are 7 foods that you should avoid completely or at least reduce their number, if you want to get rid of severe pain.

Red wine

Many of us, drinking even a glass of wine, the next day or a few hours might experience a haunting headache. Maybe you just drank too much wine and too little water. But the pain may also depend on the type of wine you are drinking. Red wine contains more histamine and tannin than other wines. These two substances can cause severe pain in the head.


Chocolate is good, but it contains the substance tyramine which, scientists believe, causes a migraine. The likelihood that you will get a migraine, just from eating chocolate, a small. But in combination with other foods rich in tiramina, the risk increases. If you like to combine red wine with chocolate, just try to reduce the amount to avoid the headache.

Smelly cheeses

As in the case of chocolate, that tyramine in cheese is a cause of the headache. This applies mainly to such cheeses as Camembert, Gorgonzola and Roquefort, which contains this substance. So don’t get carried away with odorous cheeses, if you know what you’re sensitive to it.


Some of us are sensitive to citrus fruits and, therefore, should avoid eating them in large quantities. However, not all researchers agree with the statement that citrus influence the occurrence of headaches. Some recognize the connection between citrus fruit and headaches, and others cannot. However, you need to have this conflicting information in mind.


We are talking about the amount of alcohol consumed. The migraine attack can cause a large number of drinking cups per day. So, if you know you are a fan of coffee, it would be nice to skip a few cups. On the other hand, coffee in small amounts is able to remove headaches, so don’t ignore it completely.

Bacon and sausage

Processed meat in the form of sausage and bacon and smoked fish can contain large amounts of nitrates – substances that can, once ingested, can cause migraines and headaches.

Spicy food

Even spicy foods can cause headache. One of the reasons is believed to be the substance capsicin contained in the fruit of Chile. It is believed that this substance can aggravate headache in the worst case even trigger a migraine attack.