McDonald’s Ukraine refused from Russian language: social networks exploded with comments

In the network appeared the statements about the “discrimination of Russian-speaking” and words of gratitude to the company

Network of fast food McDonald’s Ukraine holds customer service in the Ukrainian or English language – in the online order service is no Russian language. In addition, the company stressed that the main language of communication in Ukraine is Ukrainian.

This is stated in the statement of the press service of the company.

“According to the law on language, in McDonald’s, in Ukraine the main language of communication is Ukrainian. The state language is conducted all of the official documentation, is the advertising communication, communication in social networks, the information on the website and in the corner of the consumer”, – said in a statement.

Also, the company explained that “the Ukrainian language is a priority in communicating with visitors., however, workers are willing to switch to Russian language, if asked to do so”.

In addition, the clients advised in the case of any additional questions, orders the terminal to contact the staff of the company.

It is worth noting that in restaurants for a long time communication with customers has traditionally been conducted in the Ukrainian language.

Despite this, the company’s statement sparked a lively discussion in social networks: on the one hand, there were accusations of “discrimination against Russian speakers”, and on the other flash mobs with an expression of gratitude to the company management.

Thus, a user of Facebook under the nickname ROS Satan posted on his page a message in which he shared his feelings on the outbreak in the network of the scandal over alleged refusal of fast food chains from serving customers in Russian, of which there was not. He also recalled his first message, which “started it all”.

In turn, a well-known publicist and journalist Vakhtang Kipiani on his page in the network ironically suggested that he would have done if led by a network of these fast food restaurants in Ukraine.

But the journalist Victor Tregubov sarcastically noted “difficulties” in the translation from Ukrainian into Russian languages offered to “translate” the most common dishes of this restaurant.

Earlier, we reported that the Verkhovna Rada will consider amendments to the law on the functioning of the Ukrainian language. Thus, the speaker of Parliament Dmitry Razumkov broadcast of one of Ukrainian television said that on this issue there are appropriate laws.

As you know, in 2019 , the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on functioning of Ukrainian as the state languagein the second reading and in General. 278 people’s deputies supported the bill.