It became known how much Kim Kardashian spends on her beauty regimen


The star does not save.

39-year-old actress and fashion designer Kim Kardashian is an idol for many girls. Star regularly watching them and spared no means in their beauty. In the network appeared even a shocking amount that Kardashian spends every month just to stay on top, reports the with reference to Comments.

Celebrity has built a profitable business in the fashion industry, it is not surprising that she wants to be a role model. And in order to stay afloat, you need to work on yourself and keep the bar.

Edition of the Sun revealed that his appearance on star monthly spends about 166 thousand dollars (4.4 million USD). Of this amount, it pays the salary of a personal trainer, which does two hours for six days. About 2.5 thousand dollars, Kim pays for the work of makeup artists and hairdressers. The star also regularly attends cosmetic centers and salon laser hair removal, where $ 500 buys a full package of services, but for a session of tanning wastes about $ 350.

Plus, every ten days, Kim Kardashian updates her own nails, so giving to one meeting with Neil masters for $ 500. Even a celebrity can’t do without extended lashes and beautifully designed eyebrows, so pay specialist per meeting $ 1,300.