In Odessa, the driver with the stroke, got in a car accident: passers-by tried to arrange a lynching (photo)

The driver became ill and he took off on the sidewalk

In Odessa, the driver left the pavement and hit two pedestrians. An angry crowd of passers-by wanted to arrange mob killings over the driver. This was reported by the police officer Dmitry Howler on his page in Facebook.

The accident occurred on Monday evening, June 15, on the street Academician Korolev. The accident happened outside the store, in front of which is located a small Playground.

48-year-old driver of a Toyota was bad behind the wheel, according to preliminary data, he suffered a stroke. As a result he drove off the roadway and knocked down two pedestrians, one of whom was hospitalized.

Howler said that after the accident, the eyewitnesses were made by the so-called people’s Avengers and tried to Lynch the driver, not understanding the situation.

“What did the eyewitnesses? Yes, they simply tried to Lynch the driver, not understanding the situation, made the so-called people’s Avengers”, — he said.

Later Howler said that the driver died in the hospital.

We will remind, earlier on the route Kiev – Odessa, there was a deadly traffic accident – in the Nikolaev area facing the truck and passenger car.

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