“Gold Screen”: best loans secured equipment

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A time when the value of the Lombards was only the gold are long gone. Now to obtain a certain amount of “payday” by providing for the evaluation of almost any fact, be it a soldering iron, a Bicycle or a flash drive. To see what things are left in a pawnshop of “Gold Screen”, please click the link. The company is open towards the customers, so all important information is posted directly on the website.

How to take a loan secured by equipment or jewelry

Turning to “Gold Screenshots”, you can actually obtain a loan secured by certain things. Evaluation occurs in a short time, which simplifies the whole process. At itself it is enough to have the subject technology, which is planning to build and document confirming the identity of the client.

There is also the possibility of loans secured by jewelry in platinum, gold and silver. Depending on how often the person turns to “Gold Screenshots”, and how often redeems the lien, the credit history is formed, which also affects the amount of your next loan.

For technique, it is possible to obtain 70% of its market value and jewelry estimated at a high value. Acts rate from 0.75% per day, which allows for “painless” to the purse to buy pawn after payday.

The credit is granted for a period of 1 to 30 days, after which the right of redemption is lost and laid the object falls into the equipment store. There is also the possibility of an extension.

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Who should consider the option of loans secured by equipment

In such a difficult time anyone can face financial difficulties. In order to minimize the stress of a temporary shortage of money, you can go to the pawn shop. This is a great option in the following cases:

  • Urgent need of money;
  • There is a technique you can lay for a short time;
  • There is no possibility/desire to get a Bank loan.

Since the client is not obliged to redeem the mortgaged thing, many people use pawnshops as the easiest way to sell a particular technique without delving into the process of finding a buyer.

The advantages of a pawnshop of “Gold Screen”

The company operates in Ukraine for more than ten years. During this time, managed to open branches in 11 regions of Ukraine, which makes loans secured by equipment even more affordable.

Pawn shops “Gold Screen” razvenchivaet all the myths about these organizations, because customer is waiting for attentive service, professional staff, transparent lending terms. The valuation of a property to pass quickly, and things in complete safety will have to wait for their redemption throughout the term of the contract.

Another nice feature is the ability to calculate the cost of jewelry or send an online request for equipment assessment. No surprises, just crystal honesty on the part of Lombard!