Scientists have discovered a new state of matter


The theoretical existence of this state of matter was predicted more than a hundred years ago.

At the University of Colorado at boulder scientists have discovered a new state of matter, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

During the study of artificial organic molecules RM734, the specialists noticed her abnormal behavior. At high temperatures the substance showed a classical nematic phase, but behave strangely in cold weather.

Nematic state characteristic of liquid crystals combine the properties of liquids and solids. These properties allowed to use them in liquid crystal displays.

Usually in a nematic crystal, half of the molecules in one direction and others the opposite. Thus, molecules choose the direction randomly.

A new phase molecules RM734 proved to be more sensitive to electric fields, 100 to 1,000 times compared to conventional liquid crystals. It turned out that the molecules in the liquid crystal in the ferroelectric nematic phase are ordered in the same way. So there are areas where all the crystals in one direction.

The existence of the properties of liquid crystals predicted in 1910. Experts still don’t know what mechanism lies at the basis of the properties RM734.