Nutritionists have found out what is better: cherry or sweet cherry

chereshnya i vishnya

It is important to know the measure.

These berries differ in the number included in their composition of valuable nutrients: the cherry it is richer and contains less sugar than cherries, reports the with reference to Browser.

Cherry more “efficient” to rejuvenate the body, weight loss and strengthen the immune system, but cherry is better for the blood.

It turns out that cherries contain many b vitamins, C, E, R, useful organic acids (citric, succinic and malic), minerals (chromium, cobalt, iron, iodine, silicon and others), flavonoids and pectin, glucose and cellulose.

Most cherries of vitamin C which is essential for strengthening the body’s defenses and the confrontation of various infectious and viral diseases. It also helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Regular consumption of cherries activates the process of removing excess fluid and renewal of blood cells.⠀

But there are cherries need not in any quantity. Excessive consumption of berries appear bowel disorders, bloating, say nutritionists.

To abandon this product if:

  • there are allergic reactions;
  • diagnosed with disorders of the intestine associated with infectious diseases;
  • determined irritable bowel syndrome;
  • confirmed diseases of the pancreas and stomach of different etiology.

How many cherries can you eat a day? For an adult without health problems, the daily dose should not be more than 150 grams. The figure, of course, conditional, and every organism has its own characteristics.