North Korea has threatened Seoul war

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The stumbling block once again become the flyers.

Kim yo Jung, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, has threatened South Korea to use the army. She believes that distributing leaflets from the South of the Peninsula to address her brother violate the dignity of the leader of North Korea, reports the with reference to RBC.

According to Kim yo Jong, who is head of Department of the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party of Korea, the people in the DPRK is outraged by the fact that South Korea is distributing leaflets insulting Kim Jong-UN. She said that the country’s army will respond to these provocations.

“As the hint of our further plan, which is a concern from the South Korean government, say that the right to take further steps against the enemy will be transferred to the General staff of the Korean people’s army,” said Kim yo Jung.

She added that the joint office of inter-Korean relations will also be closed.

Note, North Korea had previously demanded South Korea to influence the activists who are crossing the border antiparasitic materials.