Named the poorest and the richest “public servants”


Considered a “pure” cash – excluding funds owned by the wives and husbands of MPs.

Among the 247 people’s deputies of the faction “servant of the people” five in the declarations indicated that have less than 100 thousand hryvnia. And this despite the fact that 153 is chosen of hryvnia millionaires, reports the with reference to Browser.

This was reported by the Committee of voters of Ukraine in Facebook on Monday, June 15. In General, members of fraction have declared UAH 1.1 bn. Moreover, 90% of the funds – the cash.

Who in the fraction of the poorest

  • Sergei Kolbasin – 75 thousand UAH .;
  • Elizaveta Bogutskaya 66 thousand UAH.;
  • Orestes Salamakha – 62 thousand.
  • Julia Ovchinnikova – 55 thousand.
  • Anatoly drabivs’kyi – 16 thousand UAH.

Servants are millionaires

The organization said the list of the richest “servants”. The tenth position was eliminated, the Deputy Dmitry Solomchuk (UAH 17 million). But the third position was taken by the Chairman of the Committee of energy and utilities Andriy Gerus – it 38 million.

  • Oleg Voron’ko – 123 million UAH.;
  • Alexander Sova – 79 mln.;
  • Andrew Gerus – 38 mln.;
  • Roman Mulik – 24 million UAH.;
  • Ostap of Chipilo – 22 million UAH.;
  • Ruslan Gorbenko – 22 million UAH.;
  • Alexander Trukhin – 21 mln.;
  • David Arakhamia – 21 mln.;
  • Geo Leros – 20 million UAH.;
  • Artem Kulchenko – 19 mln.

What do you think the money

The organization noted that he considered “pure” cash – excluding funds owned by the wives and husbands of MPs, their total funds and excluding borrowed funds. Funds available in foreign currency, with calculations translated in the hryvnia equivalent.