Justin Bieber has spent $ 2.5 million on a house on wheels. Video


The couple wants to go on a trip.

The famous singer Justin Bieber, who at the time of quarantine moved with his wife Hayley in Canada, bought the bus for $ 2.5 million. This bus was created specifically for the tour of the singer, in which he had planned to go in 2020-th year. So Bieber wanted to return to the stage after a long break. However, due to quarantine concert tour had to be cancelled, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to showdream.org.

Now according to media reports, Justin and Hailey are planning to travel around the country on this bus. For travel during the quarantine already got a name in the Internet Coronacation.

Insiders say that the star wife are going to visit a very popular tourist spot to learn more about the world. It also significantly relieves the monotony of life in quarantine.