In Ukraine will introduce two new pension system

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The government plans to introduce a funded system of pensions.

Already in 2021 in Ukraine plan to introduce a new pension models. In parallel, it will introduce two systems: cumulative and preferential categories of citizens. This was reported by Minister of social policy Marina Lazebnaya, reports the with reference to Comments.

“It is assumed that the storage level will be available to all potential retirees. I want to note that there are two separate pension system. The first is the introduction of the compulsory accumulative pension system in 2021…we are Also working on the second, also in a funded system, but for people under the age of 35 years who work in jobs entitling them to preferential pension. We provide in the bill that professional progressive system can be introduced in 2021,” — said the head of Department.

Lazebnaya considers a funded system of pension payments the only alternative, because if in 20 years Ukraine will be few able-bodied citizens, then no one will contain future retirees.

“We need now to think that people will have in 20 years. If in 20 years we will have few people of working age, who would have retired? Therefore, we need a progressive system, as the only alternative. Today there are discussions around the model of the control and protection of assets,” she added.