In the estuary near Odessa mass killing shrimp and fish: it became known cause (photos)

Hajibeyova shore of the estuary is covered with its dead inhabitants

In Hacibayram estuary in Odessa region recorded a massive sea shrimp and fish. About this on his page in Facebook said the President proecological all-Ukrainian public organization “Green Trident” Andrew hayday.

“Now Hajibeyova shore estuary thickly covered with dead shrimp, fish and snakes. However, no state environmental or fiscal authorities is in no hurry to establish the cause of this ecological catastrophe”, – he wrote and published a photo of the estuary.

As described in the Department of ecology and natural resources of Odessa regional state administration, the death of shrimp in the estuary pre-associated with a low level of oxygen in the water. Scientists and experts cause of low oxygen levels in the pond called excessive concentration of blue-green algae. This, according to them, and led to the deaths of the inhabitants of the estuary. And one of the main reasons for the appearance of blue-green algae experts called the lack of water exchange in the estuary and its associated congestion.

“The Department plans to initiate a study of the ecological condition of the estuary and the development of a strategic plan of action for the conservation, development and rational use of natural resources Hajibeyova estuary”, – added in Department.

Previously, we reported that the residents of Kanev of Cherkasy region saw on the banks of the Dnieper dead bullheads, catfish, perch, bass and pike.

In addition, recently, tens of kilograms of dead fish and crabs caught in one of the lakes of Kiev. The pond turned into a swamp and gave off a horrific smell.