In the Carpathians the flood “took hostage” explore: what is known

People were returning from holiday at the Manyava waterfall

In Ivano-Frankivsk region due to heavy rains in the river Moving significantly raised the water level. Due to the bad weather in the village of Manyava stuck tourists.

As told in the press service of the local SES, the evening of June 14 tourists returning from holiday in Manyava waterfall. But they were prevented by a sudden increase in water level in the river. In the water captivity were 18 tourists, including three children.

Their aid immediately sent rescuers Ivano-Frankivsk, search and rescue Department, five men in two vehicles, including an all-terrain vehicle “Bohun”. Around midnight on 15 June the rescuers got to the nearest tributary of the river.

“6:12 rescuers by means of truck all terrain vehicle transported across water obstacles a group of tourists from 10 people, including 3 children”, – told in gschs.

And at 09:50 managed to save another 12 people, including 3 children. Their rescuers moved across the river.

“All the tourists are in a safe place, medical care is not needed,” – said the rescuers.

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