France lifted the ban on rallies


At the same time to protest may not be more than 5 thousand people.

Mass actions and street protests have become available for the French. The French Council of state decided to lift the ban on holding mass actions, which was introduced in the country because of the epidemic COVID-19, reports the with reference to Comments.

In the document, which took the power of reproof is said that the restriction of freedom of Assembly under the current epidemiological situation “is not justified”. Officials felt that the protest is a fundamental right of citizens, even though the pandemic.

“Risks associated with the sanitary situation can be the reason for the prohibition of mass actions only in special cases”, – the document says.

Now protest can be carried out, however, certain limitations are still present. The government has reserved the right to prohibit public events, in case if they are violated protective measures — the lack of masks and observance of social distance. Also, at the same time to protest may not be more than 5 thousand people.

France plans to gradually open Schengen border in a few weeks – from July 1, 2020. The decision to open the borders of France adopted in accordance with the recommendations of the European Commission. It is noted that the possibility of crossing the French border will resume gradually and in accordance with the epidemiological situation in different countries.