Duda explained his words about “the ideology of LGBT”

He stressed that against the fact that any views were imposed by manipulation

The President of Poland Andrzej Duda said that his words about comparing the LGBT ideology with communism and the Bolsheviks were taken out of context.

“In the framework of a dirty political fight my words were taken out of context and, of course, provoked a strong reaction from the European community. I am in no way condemn LGBT ideology I am opposed to any views were imposed by manipulation,” he wrote on Twitter.

He also explained that his message meant that no views of the minority cannot be imposed under the most tongue-in-cheek kind of tolerance, and the personal and voluntary relationship between two people cannot be condemned in all their diversity.

We will remind, the President of Poland Andrzej Duda previously named LGBT ideology and said that she was “even more devastating” for the poles than the Communist regime. Duda said that the generation of his parents fought against the Communist ideology for 40 years, and “they did it not for the fact that there is a new ideology that seems even more devastating.” He called the LGBT movement ideology neo-Bolshevism.

This statement provoked a storm of indignation in social networks, because some users consider it a manifestation of homophobia.

Previously, Duda stated that he opposes same-sex marriage and adoption unconventional pairs of children, and also plans to cancel classes LGBT education in schools.

About how Prague was the March of the LGBT community, see video: