Doctors have identified the most useful sports


For the human body is important not only exercise

Playing sports has a positive effect on physical human form, and his state of health. The benefits of any sport, from Jogging to regular classes at the gym. However, scientists have identified separately those sports that are considered the most useful for the body, reports the with reference to RBC.

How to tell staff of the University of Georgia for a person is very important not only exercise, but also mental activity. Therefore, according to experts, the most useful types of sports are those where there is a cognitive component.

The scientists noted that the biggest benefit to the body and physical condition of the person bring the dancing, the agility, the mountain Biking. In addition, the list of scientists included juggling, as it combines the sporty component and the genre of circus arts.

As explained by experts, during such lessons, the human body is faced with a complex process. The human brain is forced to process more information and thus he gets more and physical stress and relaxes your muscles.

To maintain physical fitness a person must exercise at least two to three times a week and it is desirable to add to the process of compulsory mental factor.