Article title: the Benefits and advantages of using heat pumps


The heat pump is designed to transfer thermal energy from the source to the consumer. In European countries they take a long time – about 25 years. In our country this technology started to come recently.

Heat pump – an alternative to the traditional gas or electric boilers. It differs from gas and electric boilers on the principle of its work. The mechanism of gas and electric boilers is that they produce heat. The heat pump itself does not produce heat. To work, it needs an external source of energy. These devices take ambient energy from the air or ground and transfer it into the house. Their principle of operation differs from the spontaneous heat transfer, which always implies the transfer from a hot body to a cold. The heat pump is able to work in the opposite direction.

This device can be used as the heater, it can condition air. In addition, this device can be applied even to heat water.

Why install heat pumps for heating?

He gives various advantages compared with traditional heating devices. The tariffs for natural gas are quite high, and the heat pump takes energy from the environment. Thus, the installation of this device for heating your house will give you significant savings.
In addition, the heat pump is a universal equipment. In the summer it can be switched from heating mode to cooling mode, which is very convenient. This device gives a good level of comfort. It is very compact and does not occupy much space in the house.

The practice of application and the advantages of using heat pumps

In order to install this device, you will need to do some preparatory work, namely, to drill a well, which then will be placed the equipment of the external heat transfer.
Before carrying out these works are carried out the necessary calculations. Received wells must have a sufficient amount of heat. After drilling is completed, ready to well establish a special geothermal probes. The probe is especially important because it will largely depend on the heat pump. It is better to choose a device from good plastic, since such material is not subject to corrosion. Also, the probes must be resistant to various temperatures as very low to extremely high.

After the installation of the probes following the step of molding. This is necessary in order to probe well fits to the surrounding soil. This condition is necessary for good heat transfer.
After all these works of communication from wells carried out in house and installed a heat pump. The installation of this heating appliance can not be called very simple, but it provides undeniable advantages to its owner.

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The main advantage, which we have already mentioned – is the high efficiency. The practice of application of the heat pump shows that it is much more efficient than heating devices, which operate on the principle of fuel combustion and those that use electricity. In conditions when prices for gas and electricity are quite high, it is very profitable in financial terms.
In addition, this equipment is absolutely environmentally friendly. It does not emit into the environment hazardous substances, which are harmful to nature and man. I must say that another advantage of this device – in its security. In the heat pump there is no fuel, any dangerous gases or open flames. The details of this device are not heated to such an extent to cause a fire.

Another significant advantage is the durability. The heat pump can operate much more than a gas or electric boiler. Its service life is approximately 20-30 years. Also, I must say that the installation of this device requires much smaller agreements with public authorities to install than traditional heating systems.

Installation of heat pumps using TOV “Jurassic Horizon”

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