Zelensky addressed to Ukrainians on the occasion of blood donor Day

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Zelensky calls for voluntary and unpaid donations.

Today Ukraine celebrates the blood donor Day. President Vladimir Zelensky in his message pointed to the importance of blood donation in Ukraine, because it could save the lives of Ukrainians, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

It is reported that this year’s event as part of world blood donor day will be held under the slogan “Donate blood for a healthy world”, the purpose of which is to draw attention to the personal contribution of each donor to the preservation of human health.

“That’s why I urge everyone to think about eternal human values such as compassion and love for one’s neighbor, kindness and altruism, which, of course, are the basic principles of the system of organ donation. Convinced that patients ‘access to adequate quantities of safe blood and blood products can only be assured through regular voluntary and unpaid donations and is a key component of the national security system of the country”, – said in greeting Zelensky, published on the website of the income statement.