Ukrainians warned of the threat of drought


Ukraine may face the shortage of water.

Soon Ukraine may face a shortage of water, which water resources should be spent economically. Blame – snowless winter, and even that the whole of may it rained not help the situation. We understood, whether Ukraine threatens water shortages, and how to fix it, reports the with reference for Today.

The use of water in Ukraine

This year in Ukraine has the lowest in 100 years the water level in the rivers. Usually in March and in early April the river fills with water after snowmelt, however, the spring flood was not because the winter was snowless. The situation attended to the national security Council, where he said that this year Ukraine may face a shortage of water. Representatives of the State Agency of water resources of Ukraine noted that the last five years have been shallow, and there is the likelihood of water scarcity in the basins of some rivers.

Andrey Nikitin, the Director of KP “Zhytomyrvodokanal” says that Ukraine ranked 125th among all countries in terms of water security. We have a small supply of water in comparison with European countries: less than 1 thousand cubic meters per person.

“For comparison in the UK is 5 thousand cubic meters per person, in Germany — 3 thousand. Water deficit significantly increased this spring because we had a warm winter with no rain and have not been filling our natural springs and pools due to rain. In our region, Zhytomyr, it concerns first and foremost. The Grouse river is shallow. There is the risk that in the near future we will not be able to provide the city with water. In addition, we fade the river and these natural sources, we do not protect from his intervention, we have not learned how to consume water. Ukrainians consume 150-200 liters per day per person, and, say, the Germans consume approximately 75 liters per day of 1 person,” said Nikitin, adding that according to forecasts of scientists, water reserves will last us only until 2050.

The State Agency of water resources reported that in recent years the use of water in Ukraine stays at the same level (in 2019 in Ukraine was taken away from natural sources of 11.1 cubic kilometres of water). While the reservoirs are filled enough to meet the needs of Ukrainians.

“Filling the Dnieper reservoirs now stands at 95.2% of the project that allows to provide the full water needs of settlements, which are in surface water of the Dnieper river for drinking water. In the southern bug river basin reservoirs that provide drinking and household needs of the population, is filled with 94-103%. Filling of reservoirs of complex purpose in the Seversky Donets basin is 86%. The main reservoir of complex purpose river basin of the Azov sea is filled with 82-99%. The Danube reservoir is filled with 77%,” — said Mikhail Khorev, acting head of the State Agency of water resources of Ukraine.

Is there a threat of water scarcity

Because of snowless winters were targeted in those regions where actively engaged in agriculture.

“Open to the use of water resources are formed mainly in the basins of the Dnieper, Dniester, Seversky Donets, southern and Western bug, Danube and small rivers of the Azov sea and the black sea. However, the poorest water resources in the Donbas, Krivoi Rog and South of Ukraine, where the largest consumers of water,” says Horev.

Natalia Zakorchevna, head of the Department of water resources State environmental Academy of postgraduate education and management, noted that the situation drew attention because of the unusual winter.

“Why talk about it only started at the beginning of this year? Because we had no snow. And this is called hydrological drought. Before we lived it snowed, then it melted to replenish water supplies in rivers, groundwater. Now, we have been deprived of snow, which was extremely necessary that the spring have formed some kind of tide. For the first time in 140 years in Ukraine there was such a winter,” says Zakorchevna.

She adds that it’s not a disaster, but you must take action. However, Ukrainian legislation does not implement the required “water” directives for the calculation of the distribution of water. And forecast reserves of underground water has not updated since the early 70-ies. Accordingly, to make predictions about whether there will be enough water in Ukraine is very difficult. The situation is aggravated by outdated water system, which has long been in need of reconstruction.

Fix it was the national target program “Drinking water of Ukraine” for 2011-2020, but it remained on paper. The program involved the construction and reconstruction of water intake facilities with the latest technology, the inventory of sewage treatment plant, the construction of stations for drinking water and harmonization to EU standards regulatory framework in the sphere of drinking water supply and sanitation. The Ministry of community development and territories told us that the program provides funding from the state budget of 3 billion UAH, but from the beginning of the program she spent only 394 million, because it was funded only in 2011, 2012, and 2018.

“The total amount of financial resources at the expense of state budget funds spent on the program since its inception, is 394,104 million UAH (the Program was funded in 2011, 2012, and 2018), accounting for 13.12 per cent of the total funding from the state budget”, — said in the Ministry of regional development.

The Ministry also added that the law on the state budget for 2019 and 2020 were not pledged money for the program “Drinking water of Ukraine”.

The Ministry of regional development noted that the constant shortage of funds hinders the modernization and construction of water supply facilities and networks, which degrades the quality of drinking water of centralized water supply. The Agency say they are working on extending the program to 2025. According to estimates of the Ministry, the regions need about 16.5 billion on water and sewer industry.