The pulmonologist told me how much lungs are recovering from coronavirus


Rehabilitation may be delayed.

Honored doctor of Russia Alexander Karabinenko said that the coronavirus can cause serious damage to the lungs, and the rehabilitation process could drag on a year or two, reports the with reference to Country.

“After suffering a coronavirus infection in the lung fibrotic changes are observed, as after other inflammatory lung diseases. It happens after a severe pneumonia, when often exacerbated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, with interstitial lung diseases. People are structural changes that require a long recovery,” he said.

Thus, he argues, to speed up the process of recovery can breathing exercises and strengthening the regime.

“Breathing exercises and strengthening the regime is not contraindicated and can hold them, but everything will depend on the individual abilities of each person who had Covid-19, a structural restoration of the damaged organ. How to make this better? It just may eventually happen. After suffering swine flu N1H1 was observed in fibrous lesions, which continued for one and a half to two years. Some light has not recovered until now,” — he stressed.