Lesya Nikityuk posed in the way of the lynx


On this occasion, the Ukrainian star has starred in a thematic photo shoot.

Lesya Nikityuk on the personal page in instagram posted a message in which he told important information about the lives of these animals in Ukraine and noted that joined the program “save the lynx” reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Telegraph.

The blogger was posing in front of camera on green background. She is pictured in a short dress on the long sleeve with a leopard print. Les collected hair back and made a “predatory” make-up, drawing with a special makeup face lynx.

In the article the presenter told us some interesting and important facts about life of lynx in Ukraine and urged the more than 3 million viewers its users to take care of animals.

At last count, on the territory of our state there are 563 its representative, 435 of whom live in the Carpathians. The blogger said that now the lynx is on the brink of extinction, and there is danger that our children will be able to see that the animal only in encyclopedias or in museums as stuffed animals. The main problem for lynx — poaching. Basically, wealthy people tend to get it as a trophy.