In the US, Warren Buffett was accused of helping protesters


Buffett allegedly supplying them with the bricks.

The company of us billionaire Warren Buffett’s Acme Brick, the largest manufacturer of building bricks, was suspected of supplying protesters in the United States, reports the with reference to Country.

So, in the beginning of June began to appear that the bricks of this brand alleged specifically were left in the streets for protesters. One of them posted two photos with them: on the bricks was the logo of the company.

According to him, they deliberately left the company that they have taken the protesters in Frisco, a suburb of Dallas.

Director of marketing for Acme Brick Britt Stokes has checked this consignment and found out that it was a batch of bricks, which was taken from the homeowners ‘ Association to repair the fence. Local police also confirmed this information.

Despite this, rumors of support by the company of shares of the protesters began to spread through different platforms: Facebook, YouTube, TikTok.


Recall that in the U.S. city of Atlanta, Georgia, broke out a new wave of protests after Friday night, June 12, police shot and killed a 27-year-old colored man of Rashard Brooks.

Earlier we wrote that in Minneapolis on may 25, a 46-year-old black George Floyd died in hospital after a white police officer Derek Showin at detention apply the armlock. After that, the US started an anti-racism protest. Four police officers involved in the arrest made under arrest.