Donor day: where in Kiev it is possible to donate blood

sdacha krovi

In terms of quarantine stocks in hospitals dried up.

Today, June 14 is world blood donor day. If you decide to donate to help adults and children who are in dire need of blood, find out in our article where in Kiev you can take a blood donation, reports the with reference for Today.

If you are under 18, you can become a donor and save many lives. However, keep in mind that the blood has its contraindications and features.

It is important to know how to prepare for blood donation within a certain period, and which tests blood donors as possible to donate blood at a time, how to donate what you can and cannot do in the day of blood donation.

In Kyiv there are more than two dozen healthcare facilities, where you can freely give their blood. We have collected a list of addresses so you know how to donate blood to the donor in Ukraine, and where this should go.

Where in Kiev to hand over blood – a list of institutions:

  • National children’s specialized hospital “OKHMATDYT” No. 14 St. Vyacheslav Chornovil, 28/1;
  • Oncohematological Center of Ukrainian children’s specialized hospital “OKHMATDYT” – the street, 10;
  • The center of pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery MOH of Ukraine – Vyacheslav Chornovil str., 28/1;
  • The Kyiv city blood center – St. Maxim Berlin, 12;
  • National cancer Institute – St. Mikhail Lomonosov, 33/43;
  • Kiev center of bone marrow transplantation – Avenue of Victory, 119;
  • Kyiv city clinical cancer center – verhovinnaya str., 69;
  • Kyiv city heart center – Bratislavskaya str., 5A;
  • Department of blood transfusion, National Institute of cardiovascular surgery them. N. M. Amosov of Academy of medical Sciences of Ukraine str. Amosova, 6;
  • Institute of traumatology and orthopedics of NAMS of Ukraine – street Bulvarno-Kudryavskaya, 27
  • Main military clinical hospital of Ministry of defense of Ukraine – the blood Center – hospital street, 18;
  • Road blood transfusion station – ulitsa Nikolaya Pimonenko, 8;
  • Kyiv city children’s clinical hospital №1 – Bogatyrskaya str, 30;
  • Kiev regional clinical hospital – baggovutovskaya str., 1;
  • City clinical emergency hospital Dnieper region – Bratislava, 3;
  • Alexander hospital – Shovkovychna str., 39/1;
  • Kyiv city clinical hospital № 9 – street of Riga, 1;
  • The blood transfusion Department of the Kyiv city clinical hospital No. 12 podvysotskogo St., 4A
  • Kyiv city clinical hospital №2 – street of Krakow, 13;
  • Kyiv city clinical hospital No. 10 golosiyivskiy prosp., 59A;
  • Kyiv city clinical hospital №1, Kharkiv highway, 121.