COVID-19 in Ukraine: in days fixed 648 new cases

koronavirus 1

During the day, 9 people died.

As of Sunday morning, June 14, coronavirus in Ukraine has confirmed another 648 people. The total number of infected reached 31 154 Ukrainians, reports the with reference to Country.

This is evidenced by the national security Council and defense of Ukraine.

So, a day in Ukraine, 9 people died. Recovered from illness 106 Ukrainians. Sore virus is now 533. But under suspicion is 864 Ukrainian.

Leader in the number of infected remains in Chernivtsi oblast — 3 916. During the day, then the coronavirus was confirmed in 47 patients.

In second place was Kiev — 1 904 people. Here, coronavirus infection has been confirmed during the day, 66 people in the capital.

The least infected in Kherson (180 people) and Luhansk (56) areas.