Bad weather in Ukraine were left without electricity hundreds of settlements

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In Ukraine, the raging thunderstorms, rain and wind.

The raging element left without electricity for almost 350 settlements. From the weather affected nine regions of Ukraine. This information was provided in the press centre of the State service on emergency situations, reports the with reference to Comments.

In gschs reported that in the night from 13th to 14th of June due to bad weather are de-energized 348 settlements. In particular, because of the heavy rain and wind gusts triggered protection of power lines. Without electricity were left without electricity settlements in the areas of: Ternopil — 83, Khmelnytsky — 83, Kyiv — 42, Zaporizhia — 35, Transcarpathian — 31, Kyiv — 31, in Chernivtsi — 22, in Kirovograd — 15, Dnipropetrovsk — 6.

In gschs also said that the brigade power companies to restore the supply place.

Earlier the wind made dead more than a hundred settlements in Ukraine. This is stated in the summary of the State service for emergency situations. The 5 areas they were particularly destructive. The wind has torn off wires and in some places pushed electrosupport. Also due to heavy pressure in some places the security tripping and cut off the flow of current. In total 155 settlements fully or partially remained without electricity. They are all either in the North or in the East of Ukraine.