Trump told how to react to losing the election

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Trump called the prospect of the victory of Biden a “very sad event” for the country.

The US President Donald trump said that in case of defeat in the presidential election in November of this year, he admits defeat and will not attempt to hold on to power, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“Of course, if I don’t win, you won’t win. I’ll do other things,” said trump.

He stressed that his loss would be “very sad” for the country, since the policies of the democratic party is “getting rid of police departments” as well as “inaction” in dealing with the riots.

Thus the current head of state responded to Biden’s remark that if trump loses, he will try to “steal” the election results. Biden also suggested that trump will have to withdraw from the White house with the military.

In addition, trump has accused his rival in the elections, former Vice-President Joseph Biden of cowardice, saying that he created a “shelter in the cellar” and goes from there.

Also, former Vice President of USA and candidate for the presidency from the Democrats, Joe Biden said he was confident that the administration of Facebook allows the current American leader is Donald Trump to publish any information, including false.

We will remind, elections of the President of the United States is scheduled for November 3, 2020. Rival of the incumbent President, representative of the Republican party, Donald trump will be the candidate of the Democrats 77-year-old Joe Biden.