The wife of Viktor Pavlik showed the second wedding dress


The girl had two wedding dress.

May 29 well-known Ukrainian singer Viktor Pavlik and his concert Director Catherine Repacova secretly got married. Wife of almost two weeks was silent on that has played a secret wedding, and on 10 June announced it publicly, reports the with reference for Today.

Catherine Repacova married in a white pantsuit and sneakers. However, without the traditional wedding dress the bride has not done.

In Instagram the wife of Viktor Pavlik showed a photo in an incredible dress, in which she poses before the wedding.

New husband of singer and part of his concert Director in the post published in the social network, thanked the subscribers for the warm wedding congratulations.

“I want to thank each person for his kind words addressed to our family! We’ve been going to this event and phase in our lives. We’ve been through a lot of testing. Easy nothing was given,” wrote the girl.

She added a few images from the wedding photo shoot, which shows her dress. Repacova chose a luxury fitted dress with open shoulder cream color. Instead of a veil she was wearing a Cape with a patterned frame around the neck.

Singer Whitney Houston was married three times. Catherine Repacholi who was younger than him for 29 years, became the fourth wife of a celebrity.